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Mothers day is the day to show your mother how much she means to you. She had carried you in her belly for nine months and spent a big part of her day in pain by pushing you out. She deserves a day to be showered in gold and rose petals.

History of Mother’s Day

Mother’s day is usually celebrated by acknowledging the mother figure by showering her with cards, flowers and gifts. Celebrations for honouring motherhood can be traced back to the ancient Greeks and Romans. In the United Kingdom and other parts of Europe it fell on the fourth Sunday of the Lent and was originally used as a time for the religious to return to their ‘mother church’. Over time the perception shifted and the celebration was centered more around the mothers. In America the tradition was started by the females named Ann Reeves Jarvis and Julia Ward Howe in the 19th century. They created clubs to teach women how to look after children and wrote a proclamation to inspire world peace through motherhood. The daughter of Ann Reeves Jarvis, created a Mothers day celebration in remembrance of her mother. She actively made an effort to make the celebration into a holiday that would be marked on the calendar. After a few years the mothers day was monotonized by florists and other good vendors. This was not the original idea for this day and she spent a lot of time and money in legal matters in hopes of removing the holiday from the calendar.

Where and when is mother’s day celebrated?

Most of the Balkan countries and most of the russian speaking countries don’t have a mother’s day as such and give their all to show their appreciation on the 8th of March the international women’s day.

The Middle East celebrates it on the spring equinox – 21st March.

Most of the world celebrates mother’s day on the second Sunday of May.

In Sweden, France and most of the other francophone countries mother’s day is celebrated on the fourth Sunday of May or the first Sunday of June if Pentecote falls on the fourth Sunday of May.

An extensive list of days when each country celebrates mother’s day is found here: Mother’s Day – Wikipedia

Mother’s day gift ideas

Mother’s day is a chance to celebrate and appreciate the effort your mother puts in for the rest of the year. Looking after just even one child does take a lot of energy and therefore it is safe to assume that the best present to give your mother for mother’s day is something that will help her relax.

A hamper filled with bath bombs, creams, incense sticks, candles, tea  and chocolate can make your mother feel like it is Christmas and she can feel spoiled. 

A bouquet of flowers is a must have for mother’s day. It will make her feel special and will last a few days after mother’s day has passed. 

You could also extend mother’s day to other days of the year by giving her some coupons to ease her workload. You could include house chore tasks that you hate doing, taking your mother to dinner, cinema or theatre. Using the coupons could be a smooth way for your mother to ask you to treat her.

An extensive list of days when each country celebrates mother’s day is found here: Mother’s Day – Wikipedia

Mother’s day card

Mother’s day cards are another must to complete the celebration. It is a perfect way to put down in words how grateful you are for your mother and something she can keep for years to keep as a reminder of your love for her.

What to write in the card?

Coming up for a verse for the mothers day card can be difficult and inspiration needs to be sought after. In the mother’s day card you can say thank you for things that your mother does or the qualities that you admire in her. For example: Thank you for listening to me and for always knowing what to do. 

You could remark on her graceful aging. For example – Every day you look more beautiful and become more wise.