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About me

My name is Sintija and I come from a land called Latvia. A place with lots of forests and thousands of freshwater lakes and rivers. I have been living in London since I was 13 years old. 

I am proud to have been able to obtain a Bachelors of Science in product design from Brunel University. During my university years I was able to go to the North of France for my year of Erasmus. There I learned good enough French to be able to order food and ask for directions. 

Currently, my corporate job involves me wearing a yellow uniform and selling kitchens at one of the happiest places in the world – IKEA. 

My passion is to create and positively affect people who interact with my work, first hand as a present or as inspiration to try something new for themselves. 

I am passionate about our mother earth and look for ways to contribute to her well-being. My craft projects usually have recycled or repurposed materials. And I spend hours shopping in the charity shops for my latest fashion. 

Join me in my journey!